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Domestic Workers Statement on the International Human Rights 2010

The 10th of December each year has been proclaimed as the International Human Rights Day by the United Nations. Today, we, representatives of the Hong Kong Asian Domestic Workers Unions Federation (FADWU) are voicing demands to the Hong Kong government to be seriously concerned with the human rights situation of domestic workers and to take measures to ensure protection of workers rights and human rights of domestic workers. In this way, all domestic workers, irrespective of their nationalities, will be able to achieve decent work.
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2013 Women's Day - Domestic workers are forced to keep silence on sexual violence HK Government Must Remove discriminatory policies on domestic workers Violence No More on Domestic Workers

3 March 2013 Today is the Sunday before 8 March, the International Women’s Day. It is a day to promote equal rights for women. Domestic workers, being largely grass-root women, are largely rejected from the rights that we deserve. We continue to suffer from violence. We are forced to keep silence even when we face sexual abuse and exploitation.
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