Hong Kong Domestic Workers General Union


Established in July 2001, Hong Kong Domestic Workers Genearl Union is an independent union. Its members are local dometic workers hired to clean homes, care for the children and the aged and for newborn infants. They are usually casual workers who work irregularly or in short-term contracts. 

The union organizes the scattered-around workers in district-based model. Members meet every week/month in Yau Ma Tei, Tai Po, Yuen Long, Ma On Shan and Wan Chai. Union's membership are nearly all women. It's executive committee members are all women.


  • Casual and unstable working hours
  • Low salary
  • Very little and limited legal and social protection
  • Age, gender, class discrimination
  • Unemployment


  • Mostly on hourly base: HK$50-60/hr
  • Most are employed a few hours per week
  • Mostly employed for household cleaning, others include cooking, caring for the elderly and children. Some are employed for one month for post-maternity caring which is known as "Pui Yuet"
  • Most are employed with oral contracts


  • 4.18 Rule in Employment Ordinance excludes workers from most labour protection, like paid holidays, severance pays etc. "4.18" means at least 18 working hours per week continuously for 4 weeks for one employer.
  • No protection for occupational disease, e.g., strain. Workers have multiple employers. The strain is a result of working for several employers, such cases cannot be claimed for compensation. Union's survey (Oct 2005) finds 90% workers suffer from different forms of repetitive strain injuries.
  • Expelled from Mandatory Pension Scheme (MPF) ~ Introduced in Dec 2000, the MPF is a compulsory scheme applied to all workers in Hong Kong in order to provide a retirement protection. Yet MPF has exclude domestic workers.
  • Live in domestic workers are explelled from Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) ~ Implemented in May 2011, SMW excludes live-in domestic workers who are mostly migrant domestic workers.


  • Organizing
  • Rallies and demonstractions
  • Surveys
  • Meeting with government officials
  • Working experience exchange
  • Women's skills and knowledge exchange
  • Union's education, leadership training
  • Chinese Year end Cleaning Co-op Action
  • Telephone hotline
  • Publicize domestic workers' knowledge


  • Affiliated to Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU)
  • Affiliated to Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions (FADWU)


HKDWGU membership form

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