Rule 19 - Definitions

Definitions 19

In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires :
  “employer(s)” refers to person(s) or organization(s) to which member(s) of the component trade unions are employed or engaged.
  “General Meeting” includes Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting.
  “members”, with reference to the Federation, means component trade unions comprising the Federation.
  “representatives”, with reference to the Federation, means representatives of component trade unions.
  “members of the Executive Committee” means all persons who constitute the Executive Committee.
  “office-holder” means any member of the Executive Committee who concurrently holds a designated office in the Executive Committee.
  “registered” means registered under the Trade Unions Ordinance.

“original copy of registered rules” means the copy of rules that bears the certificate of registration issued by the Registry of Trade Unions.


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