Rule 9 - Use of Funds

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Use of the General Fund 9.1 The General Fund may be used with the authority of the Executive Committee only for the following purposes:
(a) the payment to members of the Executive Committee and paid staff of the Federation of salaries, allowances and expenses in dealing with the affairs of the Federation;
(b) the payment of expenses for the administration of the Federation, including audit of the accounts of the funds of the Federation;
(c) the prosecution or defence of any legal proceeding to which the Federation or any member is a party when such prosecution or defence is undertaken for the purpose of securing or protecting any rights of the Federation as such or any rights of any component trade union as a trade union;
(d) the conduct of trade disputes on behalf of the Federation or any member;
(e) the compensation of members for loss arising out of trade disputes;
(f) the payment of subscriptions, fees, contributions or donations to other registered trade unions or other lawful associations or combinations established within Hong Kong;
(g) the payment of fines imposed on the Federation for any offence of which it is convicted under the Trade Unions Ordinance or any other ordinances;
  (h) subject to the approval of a General Meeting, the payment for any other lawful purposes as permitted by the Trade Unions Ordinance.
Investment of Funds 9.2 (a) The funds of the Federation, which are not required for current expenses may be invested in bonds, securities or property and in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the General Meeting;
(b) Subject to the approval of a General Meeting, the Executive Committee may, if necessary, acquire any property of the Federation through mortgage loans from any bank.


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