Rule 6 - Elections and Secret Ballot

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Secret ballot held under the authority of Executive Committee or Sub-Committee 6.1 All elections or other matters for decision by secret ballot at the General Meeting shall be held under the authority of the Executive Committee or a Sub-Committee appointed specifically for the purpose by the Executive Committee.
Matters to be decided by secret ballot 6.2

All decisions in respect of the following items shall be taken by secret ballot:
(a) election of members of the Executive Committee;
(b) change in the name of the Federation;
(c) the establishment of the electoral fund;
(d) being or becoming a member of an organisation established in a foreign country;

(e) amalgamation of the Federation with other federations of trade unions;

(f) resolution on payment of electoral expenses referred to in section 33A(1) of the Trade Unions Ordinance when no electoral fund has been established.
(g)  the dissolution of the Federation.

Issue of ballot forms 6.3 Only representatives are entitled to vote at General Meetings. The Secretary or Sub-Committee appointed by the Executive Committee for the purpose of election or voting work shall be responsible for issuing ballot forms and shall issue them only to the representatives.
Manner of balloting 6.4 All ballot forms must not be signed by the voters who mark or inscribe them and must be placed in the sealed ballot box provided by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee or the Sub-Committee may appoint suitable representatives to supervise and safeguard the ballot box.
Scrutineers to count and check votes 6.5 Scrutineers shall be elected at the General Meeting from among  representatives.  They shall be responsible to the Executive Committee or the Sub-Committee for collecting the ballot box and counting and checking the votes.


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