Rule 3 - Membership and Subscriptions

Qualification for membership


Any registered trade unions of Asian domestic workers in Hong Kong may join the Federation as members, but have first to obtain :

(a) the consent of all the members the Executive Committee of the Federation;

(b) the consent of the majority of voting members of the applying trade union which wishes to become a member of the Federation  made by secret ballot;

(c) the consent of the Registrar of Trade Unions in writing to such trade union joining in membership with the Federation.

Application form 3.2 The applicant should complete a membership form. The Executive Committee of the Federation can reject an application of membership if the information provided is untrue and missing.
Entrance fee and annual subscriptions 3.3 The entrance fee of the component trade union shall be HK$200.  The annual subscription fee shall be HK$12 per voting member of the component trade union. The size of voting membership is the total number of voting members of the component trade union in its last annual general meeting. The annual subscription fee shall be payable on admission and thereafter due in the month of September every year. The annual subscription fee can be paid proportionately for periods less than 12 months.
Alteration of fees 3.4 The General Meeting of the Federation shall be the sole authority to alter any fees and subscriptions (or the subscription fees in proportion to the number of members).

Termination of membership


No refund of fees paid


(a) A component trade union, if ceases to be registered under the Trade Unions Ordinance, shall cease to be a member of the Federation;

(b) When a component trade union ceases to be a member of the Federation or applies to withdraw from membership, all fees and subscriptions previously paid by the union shall not be refunded. An application for withdrawal of membership can be accepted by the Executive Committee of the Federation.

Members breaking rules 3.6 All members must abide by the rules and decisions of the Federation.  Any member breaking the rules of the Federation is liable to disciplinary action by the Executive Committee or expulsion by the General Meeting [see Rule 7.8].  Any member disciplined may appeal to a General Meeting.

Arrears of subscriptions or levies

Resumption of membership

3.7 (a) A component trade union which is more than six months in arrears of either fees, subscriptions, contributions or any other levies shall cease to be a member.  It shall not be entitled to any rights and benefits provided by the Federation and shall not be entitled to vote on any matter of the Federation.
(b) A trade union which has ceased to be a member of the Federation under R.3.6 may re-join the Federation but has first to fulfill the requirements laid down in R.3.1, R.3.2 and R.3.3.
Component trade union’s complaints 3.8 Any component trade union which is not satisfied with the business of the Federation, may lodge its complaint with the Executive Committee in writing.  The Executive Committee shall not refuse to consider such complaint in any circumstances and shall summon the representatives of the trade union to make an account of the matter.  The Executive Committee shall give a reply in writing when it comes to a decision on whether or not to accept the complaint.  The component trade union may appeal to a General Meeting if it considers that the Executive Committee makes a wrong decision. But the appeal should be made to the Executive Committee within one year from the date of the decision that is announced to the members of the Federation.


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