Rule 2 - Objects

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Objects   The objects of the Federation shall be as follows :
  2.1 To secure the complete organization in the Federation of all component registered trade unions, specified in Rule 3.1.
  2.2   To fight for and maintain a fair and reasonable employment terms  and other working conditions. To strive for maintaining component trade unions’ and their members’ rights and benefits.
  2.3 To unite all the Asian domestic workers’ unions in Hong Kong.
  2.4  To regulate relations and to settle trade disputes between members and employers, between one member and another, and between members and other trade unions by amicable and positive means.
  2.5 To promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding between the Federation and the employer and to secure the establishment of recognized and permanent machinery for negotiation with the employer.
  2.6  To promote generally the material, cultural, social, educational and recreational welfare of component trade unions in any lawful manner by the provision of educational facilities, clinics and other undertakings which the General Meeting may from time to time decide.
  2.7  To further the work or purpose of any lawful organization whose objects are to promote the interests of labour, trade unionism or trade unionists.
  2.8  To establish, carry on or participate in the business of printing or publishing newspaper, journals, books, pamphlets or other publications which may be thought desirable for the promotion of the interests of the Federation and its members.
  2.9  To organize educational activities and professional training concerning industrial safety, labour law or sense of trade unionism for the protection of members.
  2.10  To promote legislation in the interests of the members and labour movement.
  2.11  To be concerned with and to participate in the community affairs affecting the interests of the members.
  2.12 To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects.


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