Celebration of International Domestic Workers’ Day Domestic Workers dance for ratify C189

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To promote labour dignity of domestic workers, Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions (FADWU) had International Domestic Workers’ Day celebration activity on pedestrian street Mok Kok this Sunday. Domestic workers were wearing T-shirts with “We are workers. We are not helpers, not maids neither!”, dancing on street. In the activity, FADWU started “My Fair Home”campaign, a global campaign organized by International Labour Organization (ILO) and International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF), by inviting Hong Kong people took photos. This activity was aimed to encourage people to understand domestic workers lives and make Hong Kong became a city with dignity to work for.

Dance to fight for equal right

Migrant domestic workers have long working hours. Immigration policy in Hong Kong required them to live in employer's’ house. Both employers and employees do not enjoy living condition with privacy. It also makes workers suffered from long working hours and standby hours. They only have 1 rest day per week. On rest days, they would like to dance to memorize home-town and bonding with friends.

Nepalis, Filipinos, Thai unions are affiliated to FADWU. They danced on street in Mok Kok. One of the performers said, “Domestic work is hard work. We are here to earn money for our families. We deserve protection like Hong Kong workers.”

International standard of Fair home for domestic workers

ILO Convention concerning decent work for domestic workers (C189) has been adopted since 16th June 2011 and 17 countries have ratified. Hong Kong as an international city, in keeping with international standard, the government should review and improve our labour law to protect domestic workers.Hong Kong people are also responsible to make Hong Kong became a city with dignity and human right. ILO and IDWF will launch “My Fair Home” campaign on 16th June. To call people holding hand for domestic workers, FADWU called Hong Kong people to join photo campaign. By showing support to decent work for domestic workers, we together make Hong Kong a “Fair Home” for domestic workers.

Decent work for domestic workers

Domestic work is necessary for every family throughout history. Paid domestic workers released some women from housework and increased societies labour force. However, different barriers likes gender, ethnics, educational level, social status makes domestic workers vulnerable, even not protected by law.

Since 16th June 2011, C189 was adopted. International standard of decent work for domestic workers has been set up. C189 stated domestic workers are workers. They should have same right as every worker. To celebrate the convention, 16th June are named as International domestic workers’ day. Domestic workers unions celebrate on this date all over the world.

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