Abolish the new condition of stay, Rally on the International Migrants Day

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Immigration Department announced a new condition of stay for migrant domestic worker, without any consultation and discussion. Domestic worker who has record of terminating contracts are banned to get work visa in Hong Kong. This is discrimination on migrant domestic workers, which only depends on the immigration’s objective point of view, when they ban a worker’s visa.

It’ s irrational to ban their working rights according to “record of premature termination of contract”. There are various reasons of “premature termination of contract”. This new condition of stay will make migrant domestic workers lose their right to quit their suffering and remain silence. Workers may resign from jobs because of abuse cases or bad living condition. Under the new condition of stay, they will be punished by the government by not getting work visa in Hong Kong again. Therefore, no domestic worker will stand up for their right.

The Hong Kong government ignore right of migrant. This policy is just a respond to a handful of employers without objective basis. Under current policy, migrant domestic workers are forced to leave Hong Kong within 14 days if their contracts is terminated. Migrant domestic workers have no incentive to change their employers all the time. In addition, the Hong Kong Government connive recruitment agencies to charge excessive agency fee without ever monitoring their illegal act. Under this condition, the costs for migrant domestic workers to look for new jobs is extremely high. The new condition of stay will only makes migrant domestic worker in cage.

12.18 is the International Migrant Day. We are going to the Immigration Department on the 15.12.2013, to against the new condition of stay. We demand:

  1. Abolish the new condition of stay
  2. Disclose the criteria of the ban of visa
  3. Abolish the “two-week rule”
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