Migrant Domestic Workers Fight for Wage Increase

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Migrant Domestic Workers Fight for Wage Increase

  The Migrant Domestic Workers’ Minimum allowable wage has only increased for HK$60 in 15 years.

  Since 1998, the minimum allowable wage of migrant domestic workers was cut and frozen for many times. Their wage level in recent years is just $60 higher than that in 1998. Migrant domestic workers are shouldering the family burden back home and high living cost in Hong Kong as well. They release labor power of the Hong Kong economy by taking care of children and elderly in Hong Kong, household routines of HK families. But in return they are receiving extremely low salary. The average working hours for MDWs is 12-16 hrs per day, so, their hourly wage is only $11 - $13, under the monthly salary $3920.

  Migrant Domestic Workers are forced to be a live-in workers, which is excluded by “Minimum Wages Ordinance”, so their wage cannot be reviewed with other workers. From MPF to minimum wages ordinance, Migrant Domestic Workers are excluded from local labour protection. Therefore, wage of migrant domestic workers is decided by “Minimum Allowable Wage” system, which is not transparent and cannot be monitored.

  Moreover, the “food allowance” stated at Standard Contract is only $875, $29 a day. And the employers can provide this “allowance” without providing any food. This is far from satisfactory for fulfilling the basic needs of any individual in HK nowadays. Migrant domestic workers are live-in workers who are 24 hours on call, and work 16 hours per day in average. Government should raise the food allowance to a reasonable level and indicate the calculation method. We demand doubling the food allowance to $1500 per month.

  Representing four nationalities of migrant domestic workers’ unions, FADWU demand for:

1.    Annual review on Minimum allowable wage

2.    Transparency of Minimum allowable wage mechanism

3.    Abolish the exclusion of live-in domestic worker in Minimum Wage Ordinance

4.    At least 8% wage increase in 2013

5.    Increase the amount of food allowance.

Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions

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